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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

What is the Spanish word for "tidbits"?

Did a Google search for more insights about Fr. Norberto Sandoval.

When he was ordained, the Catholic Herald had a profile on him. Some things that jump out at me, but I do not know what they really mean...

His collection of Coca-Cola memorabilia "now covers the walls, shelves and even the bed (with a Coca Cola bedspread) in his seminary room." Almost as good as the oddball a few years ago who had a collection of teddy bears...these are men we can look up to aren't they?

"When not working, Sandoval was a regular on the local nightclub scene, dancing and socializing with friends." What clubs does he go to now?

"His biggest challenge, he described, was learning English." Does he expect this of his non-English speaking parishioners?

"He also has a special concern for people suffering from HIV and AIDS." OK, I ask again, what clubs he is frequenting these days?

"He knows that Coca-Cola will always be part of his life — he tried unsuccessfully to give it up for Lent." Oh, there's a confidence builder for a priest...can't stick to a commitment of sacrifice.

Just some food for thought for today.



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