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Saturday, September 23, 2006

These ain't no Joan of Arcs!

Remember when we first learned the stories of the great women saints. From the Blessed Virgin Mother right on down through Catherine, Joan of Arc, and Mother Theresa...a thread that lifted them to great spiritual influence is the fact that they cast off the social expectations (I'll even say relegations...I can be so much like Phil Donahue) to be a voice of strength that called the supposedly "strong" men to a better-lived faith. No sacrificing of the feminine (take that Dan Brown), but it was through that unique perspective of a woman that they saw the strengths of the Church and of a well-lived faith. It from their unique womanly perspective that they proclaimed the Church all the louder.

Now for the irony of our supposedly more developed, more informed, less chauvinistic era, the upcoming Archdiocesan Convocation for Women seems to have given up on the examples of Mary, Catherine, Joan, and Theresa.

I especially like the part (read closely) where there will be a break-out session, oh sorry, a "Networking" session, on "traveling dinner groups". Now that's WomenChurch at it's best. I can only guess that they will be meeting in the room between the "knitting club", and the "barefoot and pregnant cooking class." I love it when groups like these want it both ways.

Maybe I am being too harsh. Maybe the theology of the traveling dinner group is a logical result of the deeply devoted and solidly Catholic catechesis that will anchor such an "Archdiocesan" event. (Note, that this means it is as if it were the Archbishop's own event...Your Excellency, I hope you like the traveling dinner groups!) But, to be fair, I should look at the whole schedule of the Convocation. I bet I'll be overwhelmed by all of the solid Catholic teaching that will inspire future Catherines, Joans, and Theresas.

The keynote address is to be offered by the Rev. Dr. Trinette McCray. Hmmm? Something about that name strikes me as something other than Roman Catholic. The Cardinal Stritch University website confirms that she is Executive Director of the Office of Vocation Development. Hmmm? Something about that concept strikes me as something other than Roman Catholic! CSU indicates that it is "in the Franciscan Tradition." That must be a pretty broadly defined tradition. St. Francis was told "rebuild my Church." The Rev. Dr. Madame McCray represents a whole new floor plan.

OK, fine. The Coven, oops, the Convocation will have an ecumenical element before getting into the meat of a Roman Catholic catechesis. Let's move on to the next item on the schedule.

What the heck are "Cafe Conversations"? "Please pass the sugar." "Do you see what that woman in the corner is wearing...and after Labor day no less." "Are they using a new blend for the mocha lattes?"

No matter what they exectly do they differ from the later "networking" sessions? It seems logical that they should more correctly take place in cafes somewhere. Shouldn't an Archdiocesan event offer something that your average cafe can't? Oh, let's be a little about a qualified teacher of something essentially Catholic? I realize that this is an attempt by these 1970's leftover ladies (no burming of undergarments please) to steal the naming cadence of the kids "Theology on Tap." But even at the bars, they bring in supposedly qualified speakers.

I am sorry, to go from a non-Catholic keynote, right into "mutual sharing around a compelling question" smacks of the Baptist leading the Congregationalist to who knows where. At least the Archbishop's now hollow seminary or Marquette University would have a dissenting theologian on hand to make things try to look Catholic. This "Archdiocesan" event doesn't even want to fake or feign any Catholicism.

So today's question: Your Excellency, you wrote pretty well a few weeks ago about the upcoming Call to Action different is this event that you are sponsoring? Oh yea, you might get invitations to traveling dinner parties.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is really bad. I'm sure you wouldn't see a conference like this in Lincoln or Denver or Kansas City. And sponsored by the Archdiocese no less. Some neighbors of ours have a retired priest friend who I think lives at the Cousins Center. He says the priests joke that Dolan is really a liberal in diguise. This is sad, but true I'm afraid.

Monday, September 25, 2006 7:24:00 PM  
Blogger Mike, the Faithful Catholic said...

"Liberal in disguise", that will be one that I have to use in the future. It would be humorous if it weren't so possiby true.

To be honest, I guess in some ways it is a matter of perspective...

A liberal in disguise;
A spineless, yet somehow orthodox Catholic;
A scheming planner with an open-ended one way ticket to the Cardinal's see of New York.

We should all ask His Excellency, which title he prefers.


Tuesday, September 26, 2006 6:07:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

xDear Mike,

Almost feel off my chair laughing at your "These ain't no Joan of Arcs!" It is obvious that great minds think alike as when I received information from a priest-friend regarding the keynote speaker at the supposed Archdiocesan Concovation for Women, I was shocked to see the name:
Rev. Dr. Trinette McCray. No matter what Dolan says, Call to Action is alive and well in the Milwaukee Archdiocese!


Wednesday, September 27, 2006 10:08:00 AM  

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