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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Life in the Big (or not so big) City!

Congratulations to Fr. Ross Shecterle, a priest of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, on his appointment as Rector of the American College of Louvain (that's in Belgium). I guess te best way to describe the American College at Louvain is that it is the older, yet neglected cousin of Timothy M. Dolan's own Pontifical North American College. I guess it would be like comparing UWM to UW-Madison, or the Coast Guard Academy to Annapolis.

I am sure that Fr. Shecrerle's mother is very proud of him. He is now rector of what I can only guess is the smallest, most over-funded Seminary in the world. According to their website, the American College at Louvain has a grand total of 14 seminarians, only 11 of whom are even studying for diocese in the USA and one of those is a religious order priest. It is also interesting to recall that the American College does not have the greatest of reputations when it come to...shall we say, encouraging the Brokeback Rectory mentality. Given Fr. Shecterle's inclination to be the epitome of ecclesiastical decorum, there is little wonder that he might be the fitting choice to take one the reigns (and the whip) or a historic "pink palace" seminary. We have noted his casual attitudes before. It can also be recalled that Fr. Shecterle's name was on the infamous, priest-slamming handicapper's list of future auxilairy bishop candidates. At that time I pointed out, and still stand by, a big fear of any priest who is a psychologist primarily, and a priest secondarily.

Now, a question that all us lowly little faithful church-going Catholics of Milwaukee can ask is why, if he is a good priest, let him go and supervise an overwhelming 11 seminarians. If he is a good priest, why can't he preach regularly to a parish here in Milwaukee? That would be 11 vrs what, a 1000 or 2000 at a large parish?

So, what's the reason for Father Ross to be sent to Belgium?

Is he climber who wants to add a notch to his resume? If so, why would his excellency tolerate that? Could is be a pat calling the kettle black scenario?

Is he, in reality, not a very good priest? Maybe the Archbishop wants to keep him out of Milwaukee. At 150 to 1 odds on the handicappers list, I don't know whether this makes him a threat to good Catholics or to the bad priests.

Last option....does the Archbishop just not really care about us for good or ill, no matter what? (Where is that schedule of flights to New York, or Detroit, or Baltimore.....)

All in all, the question has to be asked...with all the problems here in Milwaukee, why let any, even midling priest go?



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