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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Just wait a minaret!

Catching up today on reading other blogs. Bettnet reminded of the story that was in last week's Journal Sentinel about the Muslim prayer that was belted out last Monday at "our" Cathedral in commemoration of 20 Muslims listening to a prayer leader in some mosque somewhere, and who catechised those poor souls on the passages in their sacred scriptures that gave instructions on how flying passenger-filled jet airplanes into buildings constitutes their version of the new evangelization. I know, I know...not all Muslims are terrorists. But pretty much all terrorists of late are Muslims. Go figure.

I agree with Bettnet's questioning of the basic notion of "Concert Masses". I would also concede that the powers that be at the St. John, in-the-round dinner theater, do not have the benefit of hindsight that we have after this weeks primal (see, I did not say Islamo-Facist) reactions to Pope Benedict's cogent reference to to the most significant deficit in Islamic theological discussion (read the whole thing folks before you say anything, or don't say anything at all!). Sadly, Fr. Carl Last never has any foresight either. I am told that Fr. Carl fancies himself a liturgist, but I wonder in what religion?

I also have to concede that Karl Jenkins, a new age, self-proclaimed mystic, intended the concert to have the Muslim prayers. But, watching the news this week got me thinking about what might have been the really bold thing to do. I got the idea when I was watching coverage of Churches being burned, nuns being murdered, and effigies being torched (someone point me to the Koran passage that says when you can't respond to a bona fide theological challenge, go on a bloodlust rampage). It got me thinking about Jenkins need for the concert's "Call to Prayer" to be in Arabic. Why not try and show the diversity, and enhance the unity of the Catholic Church itself?

Maybe Fr. Carl, or the musicians, or (here's a crazy idea) the Archbishop, could have said something about bringing in one of our Eastern Catholic brethren whose liturgy is in Arabic (Maronite, Chaldean, etc.). But, Cathedral spirituality presumes that only Americans oppress Muslims, they could never concede that Muslims persecute Christians.

So here we go does the Archbishop's own parish church allow this to happen?

We gone over this a few times already, it has to be one of the following:

1) Fr. Carl and his staff misrepresented things to their boss (and the boss, the Archbishop, will do nothing about it);
2) Fr. Carl and his staff are more concerned with the elitism of a concert, than they are with the sacredness of a mass. In other words, they a reductionist idiots about our central sacrament;
3) Fr. Carl and his staff did their jobs, kept His Excellency informed, and yet he still chose to let this happen because he agrees with it.

Before I close, to those who will argue that we cannot be hard on the idea of "concert masses" because Mozart, Beethoven and others all wrote masses. But remember, unlike Jenkins, they started with the beauty and integrity of the mass as the Church holds it and brought it to new heights. Jenkins, on the other hand, objects to a perceived insufficiency in the mass, and seeks to change into his own new age image.

The Archbishop did not do the radio mass from the Cathedral this morning. I am sure he had a good reason, but maybe if he hung around a little more, oddities like this would not happen in his own Cathedral. Either that, or dump Fr. Last!



Blogger Dad29 said...

Fr Last and the choir director are allies in some ways.

So is the orchestra director.

In a word, they are all termites in the woodwork of the Church.

Monday, September 18, 2006 12:31:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like the previous posting about Marquette University, I think that we have all learned not to expect much action from Archbishop Dolan. After 4+ years here he must know what is up at the cathedral. Like all the other abuses there and elsewhere in the diocese, he will do nothing.

Now, let us again, have the Muslim call to prayer..........

Tuesday, September 19, 2006 8:49:00 AM  

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