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Friday, September 01, 2006

Is it "protestor", "protester" or "protestant"?

Thanks to Dad29 for commenting on my last post by including a very timely article about the age of confirmation that was carried by Zenit on August 29th. In that article it basically says that the Vatican made it clear years ago that if parents approach the diocesan bishop as an appeal of the decision of the parish to delay confirmation for their child, they are in the right, and the parish is in the wrong.

OK, pretty simple so far... We can confirm younger than junior year in high school, and so long as the parents can guarantee (I suspect objectively) the quality of the preparation, then the kid should be confirmed. The people have a right to the sacraments!

Now, going back to my previous post. I still do not have a firm personal opinion about what the age of confirmation should be. But, the existence of an instruction from the Vatican on this matter dating back to 1999, begs the question as to why this instruction (and its clear option for parents) is totally, let me repeat that TOTALLY, ignored by His Excellency.

Once again, either 1) the Archbishop wants to ignore this option in Church law; 2) his staff intentionally kept this aspect of Church law hidden from His Excellency; or 3) his staff is incompetent and did not really research this matter. Remember, I asserted that both sides would rather use anecdote and opinion than fact. I guess that this could go for the Archbishop's staff as well.

Barring some actual facts from the madame spokeswoman of the decide!

Now this instruction begs another question. Recall my little reference in the previous post to "a small more-Catholic-than-the-rest-of-us private school in Waukesha County" who were possibly circumventing the local bishop to get their students confirmed younger than the local norm. In the comments, I did include a link that would make known what school I was referring to.

After that posting, and in light of the Vatican instruction carried by Zenit, I got a rather terse and mean-spirited little missive from a parent of a kid or kids at that school. Here is what the mom, in part, wrote:

You are being terribly unfair to the devout Roman Catholics who are willing to make the personal sacrifices to send their kids to Trinity Academy. The sacrifice is sometimes personal when ignorant people like you fail to realize that they are doing exactly what Holy Mother Church intends for our children.

OK, so now I am ignorant. The woman would refer to the same Zenit article and Vatican instruction as justification for her "we-are-always-right-and-you-are-always-wrong" attitude. But actually, I would contend that their protest against the local bishop is now even worse. If the school and it's families had respected the bishop, and even gotten an answer they did not like, it seems clear that an appeal to Rome would have sided with them. Isn't that exactly what the 1999 instruction did some other kid?

So, why not go to the Archbishop? Yes, I realize that requires a great deal of patience since he defers so much authority to an entrenched bureaucracy, but it seems that a good Catholic at least tries to respect its bishops. Instead, Trinity Academy does not trust the local bishop (understandably, and with reason), but they do not even trust the bishop to do the right thing when told to by the Vatican. So, as I read things, they trust no one but their own opinion about the Catholic faith, and those who agree with them blindly.

Sorry folks, there is no such thing as selective obedience, which is a cafeteria Catholicism that should be condemned on both sides of the spectrum.

Lastly, to the snippy woman who sent me the e-mail. If I am unfair or ignorant, it is probably moreso about what the Archbishop did in this matter, and not what the school intended by its secret confirmation excursions to Rome.

Oh how I enjoy getting everyone upset!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, are you gonna get it now. I don't think anyone has criticized Trinity and lived to tell about it.

Friday, September 01, 2006 1:49:00 PM  

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