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Friday, June 09, 2006

Hot off the Fax Machine!!!!

I have just received a copy of the rumored document circulating among the priests titled "Handicappers View of Auxiliary Bishop Race - May 2006"

It was shared with me by a staffer of a parish where the pastor thought is was worth sharing with the laity. It has made numerous trips through fax machines so it will be better for me to retype it rather than scan it in. I hope to get to it over the weekend.

As a teaser, at the top of the list:

David Malloy - 5-1, the reasonable brother, will make it, for other reasons-Vatican service, at a different place, is a Milwaukee priest BUT never really served here at all.

The text is filled with misspellings and typos. I will re-type it exactly though. As you can tell, it is more a chance for some writer (presumably a priest) to slam many of his fellow priests. The few actually complimented tip the hand of the writer's desire for the type of auxiliary (a spineless do-nothing!)

More to follow....



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