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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Handicaps -- Day 3

A few more notes on the rather snarkish handicapping list that someone (presumably a fellow priest) assemble about possible future auxiliary bishops.

James Schuerman is member of the faculty at St. Francis Seminary. Don't know him. The handicapper may have something right here, it seems logical to acknowledge that spiritual directors are rarely chosen. According to the Code of Canon Law, it seems that a spiritual director can't act publicly on someone becoming a priest. Would that same learned information also be restricted from action when an auxiliary must act in regards a priest who screwd up? Seems to be asking too much. A member of the Community Advisory Board...does that endear him to the Alliance of Whiners? To his credit, he is not a member!

Thomas Brundage is outgoing pastor of Ss. Peter and Paul parish on the east side. Don't understand the inside baseball about Fr. Hartmann ousting him. Catholic Herald only got worse, or at least more shrill, under his short-lived leadership. Bumped from Tribunal; Bumped from Herald (had "thin journalism credentials"); Bumped to Alaska (I presume)...does not seem that the Archbishop really needs him at all.

Joe Hornacek is pastor of St. Anthony's parish in Pewaukee. Seems to be a rather backhanded reference to "hangovers"? Not sure if I am sold on the notion of "scrapbooking" as a religious endeavor. A founding member of the Alliance...even while vicar for clergy for Archbishop Dolan. Can any significant appointee of Weakland ever have a chance?

Javier Bustos (not Xavier...the handicapper must be an X-Men fan because few Milwaukee priest would think St. Francis Xavier first) is little known. Only ordained five years that enough time?

Well, enough for today.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jim Schuerman is spiritual director at the Seminary. Very quiet, prayerful. Good man.

Tom Brundage has always loved Alaska, been visiting there for years, spent good chunks of time there, has talked about wanting to go there. He will be on loan from the Milwaukee archdiocese to assist with tribunal work in Alaska
for the next two years. Not a permanent move.

Friday, June 16, 2006 5:28:00 PM  

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