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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Continuing with the work of the handicapper.

Hi all. Sorry for the silent week. It has been rather busy lately.

Have seen a number of posts about some of the priests listed so far, and received some in direct e-mails. If I do say so myself, there seems to be a consensus that quiet, passive, weak leaders are the desired goal of the handicapper. Strong personalities, orthodox or progressive, are feared (but especially the conservatives).

Shall we continue with some observations?

Brian Massingale (or Bryan, as his mother called him) -- MU professor, by itself, not a plus. Can any professor of "Liberation Theologies" find the favor of B-16? Has some sort of leadership role with Black Catholic Theological Symposium. I think that this group is merely a self-perpetuating source of the victim mentality. How else could you interpret the paper entitled "The Human, the Non-Human, and the Divine in Greek Literature: Where do the Slaves Belong?" (Fr. Massingale, is presently responsibly for receiving papers). Probably has his priorities pretty screwed up. In a conference on dialogue between Catholic and Politics, Massingale essentially blamed bishops for the problems. OK, it might be that some bishops are not clear enough in their teaching of politicians...but, excuse me, who uses the title "Professor"? His time passed twenty years ago.

Len Vladenderen (again, actually knowing the men he criticizes is not the handicapper's forte. Fr's real name is Leonard Van Vlaenderen) -- Evaluation is actually correct here. I hear from Brookfield that he is not really very healthy these days.

James Connell -- Other than being a pastor in Sheboygan, I don't know anything about him. Very little on the internet, so, it could be like Supreme Court nominees...the less the paper trail, the better the odds.

Ross Schecterle (should be Shecterle) -- Could be a darling of His Excellency; sent to work at the Pontifical North American College in Rome as a psychologist. Personally, I am a little bit leery of pastors who seem to be psychologists first, and priests second.

All I can do for today. Don't know much about most on the remainder of the list. So please, post your own observations about the priests listed.



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