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Monday, May 15, 2006

We are awaiting confirmation.

I have had the opportunity to be at a number of confirmations since Easter. Permit me to make some observations about both of our local prelates:

First, to Bishop Sklba:

- Please, not everything needs to be explained and re-explained, ad infinitum. Yes, you do have a very calm soothing voice...but after the third paragraph explaining the Sign of the Cross, even that can get irritating.
- OK, we all understand that the oil of chrism is the matter for the sacrament, and you note well that the Archbishop teases you about how much oil you use, but smearing that much oil, messing up everyone's hair, and wiping it all over the teens hands, just causes those same teenagers to laugh at you and at the sacrament.
- One last reminder: it's a sacrament, not a Saturday Night Live skit.

To His Excellency, Archbishop Dolan (and these apply to almost every public appearance):

- Do you every really listen to the readings, or do you just keep looking around and waving at potential donors?
- Have you ever just complimented a priest, or must you always tease them about something? You compliment parents, teachers, musicians, etc. But, your priests only get put-downs. That will really help vocations.

Closing message to His Excellency: You can quit all of your planning commissions, blue ribbon panels, and strategic task forces. Of all places, National Catholic Reporter has given you the blueprint for saving a lost diocese:

Extreme Makeover: The Diocese

I only wish you could take advice like this.



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