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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

More on the Pot - Kettle dilemma.

In the same address that His Excellency, Rembert Weakland, gave to the priests a few weeks ago at the "pajama party" which (I think) he initiated after rationalizing away the very damages that he perpetrated on Catholics sincere devotion to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and then going through mental gymnastics to blame everyone else for a lack of trust in Church leaderships (can you say $450K payment for silence), His Excellency moved on to his critique of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

On the matter of we Catholics being "one" --

Jesus Christ is the source of unity in the Church. We are one in Christ. Every Eucharistic prayer makes that clear. There is but one Christ. Paul is upset with the Corinthians where one says he is baptized by Apollo, another says he is baptized by Paul. He finds that kind of designation divisive. (Is it wise today to say - as I heard someone say the other day on EWTN - I am a Pope-John-Paul-II Catholic?)

OK sir, you start off well but finish poorly. Those same Eucharistic prayers also call upon all of us to be in union with the Pope when celebrating the sacraments. Did you sir, serve that end when you called Pope John Paul a "ham actor"?

The desire to rest all things unified on the Eucharist would carry more weight if the Weakland theological premise was not always rooted in relativism. Consider this insight from His Benedictineness: Besides, argued Weakland, the church can reinterpret the meaning of the sacraments over the ages. When confirmation got out of the original sequence in the fourth century, he asked, "could this not have been under the guidance of the Spirit? Could this not have been an enrichment of our sacramental system and a logical evolution?"

Simple respect, devout obedience, and orthodoxy will do more for unity than rationalizations.

On the idea that Catholic's should be "catholic" --

Weakland said "For example, Pope Benedict XV, the pope during the First World War and immediately after it, said one should never add a modifier to the world "Catholic," like "orthodox Catholic" or "authentically Catholic," since the word Catholic, meaning fullness, is enough."

Sir, who wrote the forward to the "American Catholic" Hymnbook? You.
Who established an office of "Black Catholic" concerns in his archdiocese? You.
Who contributed a chapter to a book entitled "American Catholic Social Teaching"? You.
Who likes to use "American Catholic" and "Liberal Catholic" interchangeably?

Need I go on? Clearly you are happy with modifiers like "black", "liberal" and "American" but are disturbed by "orthodox" and "authentic." The struggle for relativism wins the day again.

Well, I need my Pepto and Tylenol again. Be back later.


P.S. Thank you Archbishop Weakland for still giving me material even while in exile.


Blogger Dad29 said...

...NOT exiled far enough.

Iceland, for example, would be far enough, as would the Aleutian Islands, or Iran...

Thursday, May 25, 2006 11:03:00 AM  

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