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Friday, April 21, 2006

Meet my Son, the soon-to-be para-professional in a religiously oriented non-profit corporation that offers some warm fuzzy God-moments.

Hi all, let me take another moment or two considering just a small part of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee's vocations website:

Maybe out of some ill-founded hopefulness, and trust in my own example, I looked at the page of the webstie entitled: "My Son is Thinking About the Priesthood" What I offer today to Fr. Lobacz are a few questions. First about what is missing, as opposed to what is there:

PRAYER? Should not parents pray for their kids who might have a vocation, or even that they might have a vocation?

THANKSGIVING? Wasn't there a time when parents were thankful for a child who even considered a vocation? I realize that this has to be careful not to become undue pressure, but if a child worked toward being a doctor or lawyer, would they not be thankful? If you child found a good, healthy, relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend, would a parent not be thankful?

But, these are likely not seen a qualities that are to be part of our professional search for people to fill jobs. Rather than our Church lifting up a spirit of valued vocations. I realize that there is a link at the bottom of the page to "more ideas", but the first things presented show the first priorities a person holds.

One last point/question: What is this near irrational obligation to always place "life as a single layperson" on par with Holy Orders or religious life? How can the state in life that requires no action, and the absence of a choice be the same as pursuing a vocation? I am so glad that every unmarried 9 year old is fulfilling their "vocation". I hope that they will soon have their own page at the thinkPRIEST website.

Enough for today, gotta run...



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