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Monday, February 20, 2006

The Village (Idiot's) Voice

Rumor has it that the Milwaukee Catholic Herald has been recieving a lot of positive comment from His Excellency lately. This comes along with news that the birdcage liner will soon be going through a makeover in hopes of increasing its very sad circulation. It is said that is will be more of a teaching tool, more pastoral.

While only a rumor, this latter point begs two questions: 1) If not teaching the doctrine of the Catholic Church within its pages...what has it been doing all these years? 2) How can the Catholic Herald, already conceding it is not doctrinal, be anymore "pastoral" than it already is?

OK, we all know what the Catholic Herald has been. Fluff and drivel. But what are we to think about what it might become after the changes come.

The Archbishop seems on board.
The last executive editor, Fr. Tom Brundage was canned.
A new man was brought in, and has been on the job, on one way or another for about a year.
So, what can we glean....

Well, on the good side:
George Weigel was added.
Word from the North Shore is that Fr. Al Jerkus of St. Monica's told his parish council that the paper was getting too conservative and traditional.

On the negative side:
Bishop Sklba has more columns than he did under the previous regime.
Fr. Joe Juknialis' pantheistic "scripture reflections" are still there.

So, we are still neutral. Or, so it seems.

Last weekend, I picked up one of the free copies for the local rag in the back of a Church to pass some time after some adoration, and before the kids finished a sporting event. It was the February 16th issue, eventually, I got to page 9. Low and behold, there, in the lower right ad for the Voice of the Faithful. The event will held at the infamously contrarian St. Matthias Parish, likely with the aggreement (read as arrangement and encouragement) of its equally infamous pastor/CEO/chief therapist/head dissenter, Fr. David Cooper.

I guess the people who sell advertising at the Catholic Herald have not gotten the Archbishop's message about publishing things contrary to Church doctrine. What ad for Planned Parenthood?

But, let me give the advertising staff the benefit of the doubt. Maybe the new editor did not share the memo from the Archbishop with them. Maybe, the Archbishop's staff "forgot" to send out the memo. Maybe, most sadly, the Archbishop has never sent out a memo about Voice of the Faithful. The dissent group can use space that could be better devoted to the needs of the Church, whether in the Archdiocesan newspaper, or in one of the Archdiocese's parishes.

Things just keep on going.



Blogger Dad29 said...

Don't forget the snide-snot McBrien, Seer of the 1960's--

meaning that his columns are about 40 years old and getting older fast.

Monday, February 20, 2006 3:40:00 PM  

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