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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

When the moments of hope do come.

There are plenty of things about the Archdiocese of Milwaukee that cause consternation, sadness, and even fear. But, every once in a while something positive comes along. One of the few steps that an otherwise non-assertive Archbishop Timothy Dolan has taken has been to host, every year, a lecture series called the Pallium Lecture Series. On the one hand, I am waiting for this program to be hijacked by the holdover, Weakland era, Church bureaucrats who will invite speakers like Andrew Greeley, Richard McBrien, and Charles Curran. But, on the other hand, until then, we, the solid Catholics of Milwaukee, need to support one of the only good things happening at the archdiocesan level.

This year's Pallium Lecture Series looks pretty good. I have to be honest, and maybe show my softer side...even John Allen, a reporter for the Voice of the Faithful mouthpiece, the National Catholic Reporter, has shown some promise in recent years. His views of our present Holy Father have been developing nicely.

The first lecture this year, by His Eminence Francis Cardinal George
, will be on Tuesday, January 31st. Please encourage a big turn out in any way you can.

During the Q&A, or the reception afterward, when you are shaking the Cardinal's hand, this would be a good opportunity to put in a good word for the best priest, or best parish you know. Cardinal George is now one of the most influential men in the Church today. (We used to call his role a "kingmaker".)

Another thing to remember, the lecture series is a result of the efforts of one of the few good priests in Milwaukee, Fr. Paul Hartman.

Hope to see you all there.



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