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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Start spreadin' the news...

Been thinking about some of my own remarks about Archbishop Timothy Michael Dolan of the meat and potatoes Archdiocese of Milwaukee. Why, after three and a half years, so much promise, and so little product?

When His Excellency arrived in Milwaukee he was quick to tell us all of his first visit to the crypt below the Cathedral where past bishops are buried. In the wonderfully quippy way that he glad hands us all, he stated something to the effect that he had, at that moment, picked out which niche would be his when the time comes. At the time we all kind of smiled like children who were being reassured by our parents after striking out in little league baseball. After all, Archbishop Dolan knew that his predecessor had numerous missteps at the start of his tenure because that Archbishop believed that his future lay in Chicago like Meyer and Stritch before him.

Sadly, I fear that Archbishop Dolan played on our weaknesses and needs. He likely has the same flaw as his predecessor in this regard. I think it can be said that His Excellency, having moved so rapidly up the ranks of the Church, has now begun to believe in his own press reports. Consider the report of a Rabbi, after the Archbishop made a trip to Poland last fall: "I see him as a future cardinal and a very important leader of the Catholic community in the United States." (I want to thank the blog of Rocco Palma for reminding me of this quote.)

Logic dictates, no Cardinals in little old Milwaukee. That means keeping everything here all smiles and pudding until the call comes from Rome to pack his bags and head east. I do not begrudge anyone their success in life...but please, can it come as a result of the number or power of bold deeds done, and not depth of pablum spread?

For those looking to start assesing the odds...Cardinals Maida (Detroit) and McCarrick (Washington) are both over 75 years of age; Keeler (Baltimore) is 74; Egan (New York) is 73; and Rigali (Philadelphia, and Dolan's patron) is 70. All bishops turn in their retirement papers at age 75, but Pope John Paul II allowed most cardinals stay in office until age 80. No indicate yet if Pope Benedict will continue this tradition.

For those interested, a great place to find information about the hierarchy, check out the website Catholic-Hierarchy.Org It is great.

One last thought, as we all nurture our hopes for good bishops, as the name of the blog says...Get Up, Get Moving: Write a letter to the new papal ambassador to the USA. Give the names of solid priests whom he should meet in his time here and consider as possible bishops. We all know that "the system" does not necessarily guarantee that the good men will come to the attention of Rome and become our bishops.

Archbishop Pietro Sambi
Apostolic Nuncio to the United States
3339 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W
Washington, DC 20008-3610

Well folks, another day is another day to hope. Blessed William Carter, pray for us.



Blogger Terrence Berres said...

How about a St. Louis Cardinal?

Wednesday, January 11, 2006 12:48:00 PM  

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