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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Start Practicing Those Showtunes.

If you were the boss of a company, or the leader of a group, it seems to me that two expectations would present themselves: 1) Shouldn't the boss expect his employees to adhere to, and even further, the mission, priorities, and policies of the organization; 2) Shouldn't the stockholders of the company, or the members of the group, expect the boss to actually apply the first expectation consistantly?

Both of these expectations seem to make perfect sense to you and me...but not to the leadership of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. Let's play a little game of connect the dots....

1. Should a priest, any priest, be frequenting a New York City gay night club for open mike night? But, don't stop there, should that priest be going on the record in the New York Times happily proclaiming his New York vacation itinerary. Friends, meet Fr. Andre Papineau. (Granted, this may mean nothing about Fr. Papineau's own lifestyle, but certainly it reflects very questionable activities for the public person that is a priest.)

2. Should the aforementioned priest have ever received a mandate from any Church authority to teach at a Catholic seminary? Friends, have you heard of Sacred Heart School of Theology?

3. Should that same priest be asked by one of the Archbishop's regional deans to be a weekend assisting priest at a comfortable North Shore parish with a large thriving elementary school? Friends, let me introduce you to the Very Reverend Kenneth Knippel and St. Eugene's Parish, Fox Point.

So, where is the leadership, conviction, or standards? What expectations should Archbishop Dolan have about this? What expectations can we have about his leadership in this matter?

Let's add insult to injury --

The Board of Directors of Sacred Heart Seminary includes not only the Archbishop himself, but also the archdiocesan Chancellor (a holdover from the previous archdiocesan regime); a staff member from his own St. Francis Seminary; and one of his priests. The faculty of Sacred Heart includes two of his Excellency's priests and two employees of the archdiocesan bureacracy. Wouldn't you expect that this degree of influence would make any sort of difference? No expectations being met there. Seems that there are pretty low standards here.

Another point of fact; the Very Reverend pastor of St. Eugene's is a regional dean appointed by His Excellency to a postion of leadership.

Well, there you have it...when the Archbishop has a chance to act protect and even further the moral teachings of the Church....whether directly or even indirectly; to make a clear statement about the roles that Fr. Showtunes Papineau would play in the archdiocese; to surround himself with solid people in pastorates, as deans, at the archdiocesan offices....all of this goes undone. At best, an opportunity missed. At worst, real stripes are exposed.

Oh, how we fail to see any real expectations of ours even being remotely met by our leadership.

Sorry to once again be the bearer of bad news. Like the title says, we need to get up and get moving.



Anonymous Patte said...

Good Lord, isn't anybody in charge of the kiddies?

Wednesday, January 04, 2006 3:09:00 PM  
Blogger Dad29 said...

Ummmmnnnhhh..."SDS" follows Fr. Papineau's name. Sad to say, that alone makes me concerned, long before NYCity trips, yada yada.

No business like Show Business!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006 3:16:00 PM  

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