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Saturday, January 14, 2006

See, it can be done.

Was surfing a little last night. Have you is National Vocations Awareness Week. I was not aware of this, were you aware of this? What are we to do. Oh my, just what are we to do?

Actually, I did know something about Vocations Awareness week. The local Catholic Radio Station, a Relevant Radio affiliate (a group to be highly commended and supported!), talked about this. Some blogs I have seen talked about this. I have found a number of diocesan websites from other places talking about this. But, here in little old Milwaukee, at least the little corner that I live in, nothing, zip, zilch, nada.

Hopefully, for masses this weekend we will hear something, but (if mentioned at all) it will have to compete with the march we have to do for Martin Luther King Day, and the openness we are to show to others (aka heretics) for the week of Christian Unity.

While comparing the Vocational efforts of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee to that of other diocese's I must concede little first hand evidence. Even if good resources are out there, I believe that many parish priests here in Milwaukee would let their lay staff screen out far too much of the quality materials. These are the quality reminders that should be available to our young men. Even with that being said, I can compare things like websites...

Here in Milwaukee, we have a website with a nice name:

Go ahead, look through it, it won't bite. If fact, it probably won't do much of anything for you. Nice name, but, like the rest of the diocesan leadership of Milwaukee, mostly pablum. It's not bold, not challenging, and from what I can tell, not even aimed at young men.

Look at some other examples:

The Diocese of Manchester:
The Diocese of Rapid City:

Admittedly, both look to be made by the same designer, but which type of website would appeal to you? Which would appeal to a solid, masculine, devout, young man? What type of man, what type of vocation, is each site really looking to attract?

I also recommend the sight for the Diocese of Providence:
While not as flashy as Manchester or Rapid City, it is still vastly better than Milwaukee's website. But, what convinced me of the strength of thier vocations efforts was the new television commercial that you can download and watch. So bold, so clear, so PRIESTly! Bishop Tobin has been in Providence less than a year and is acting fast to make inroads for vocations. Sadly, bold and decisive action was not, and is not, the path that Archbishop Dolan followed regarding vocations, nor much else in Milwaukee. Oh, well.

Pray for solid vocations! Venerable John the Gardner, pray for us.



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