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Monday, January 09, 2006

Get out the vote!

Life is full of choices. There are few times when an internet survey can make a difference but maybe, just maybe, this could be one of them.

Here in Milwaukee, the local press club is sponsoring a survey seeking the "gems of Milwaukee". On the rather long list of nominated locales to be considered "gems" of our community are both the wreck-o-vated Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist, and the wonderfully restored St. Josephat's Basilica.

I look upon this as an opportunity to express support for dignified liturgical spaces, and to show our disdain for the "Churches-R-Us" nightclub theater design being pushed upon us.

So, in the limited time that the survey remains, please go and vote for the Basilica and relish in the image of the panting of disbelief that will occur among the Cathedral staff, and the diocesan office of liturgy, when classic design is preferred over lack of design.

Again --

The survey only lasts a few more days....please vote now and forward to all of your friends.



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