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Saturday, December 24, 2005

The "last gasp" of Advent.

A very quick note on this day of Chistmas Eve.

Just heard His Excellency, Timothy Michael Dolan interviewed on WTMJ radio (owned by a relatively anti-Catholic, Journal Communications). As always, the Archbishop was upbeat and affirming. There is no doubt that he offers a charismatic personal style premissed upon the notion that you can accomplish more with honey than with vineger. The problem lay in the line the does not seem to exiest between this and an almost naive denial of the problems that exist and avoiding the challenges of trying to solve them.

Today's Christmastime double message from His Excellency: Archbishop Dolan announced on the radio this morning that he would be celebrating a 5pm Christmas eve mass at St. Monica's Parish, Whitefish Bay. I am sure that this will be very special for the families of the wealthy, well off, and generous contributers to the Stewardship Appeal from St. Monica's. But why reward their less than orthodox pastor....Fr. Alan Jurkus.

As a leading instigator among the previously mentioned Milwaukee Priests Alliance, last year Fr. Al contributed a to the debate about kneeling for the consecration and other acts of reverence called for by a 2004 Vatican document, by writing that "i hope this is the last gasp of the era before vatican III" (Lack of punctuation in original. Fr. Al seems to have the same regard for the rules of grammer and writing as he has for the rubics of the sacraments.)

All I can do is rhetorically (read as "sadly, no reply will ever be given") ask His Excellency...Why reward a priest who so boldly slaps the face of JPII, so clearly has contempt for the Church, and likely speaks the same way about yourself at the complaining priests club meetings?

That's all for today. Don't know if I will post tomorrow.

I hope that as more and more people stumble across this humble little blog, those from Milwaukee will keep me updated on liturgical abuses and various clerical contemptabilities in thier own parishes or those they visit. (e-mail me at:

Have to go quiet down the kids and finish some wrapping. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good blog.



Anonymous Patte Gradwell said...

Yet another suffering Catholic soul finds a way to reach out and vent his outrage!

I thought I would say hello and let you know that though it does feel that way sometimes, you are NOT the last Catholic standing! Catholic martyrs (and that IS what you are) are finding eachother, thanks in large part to Catholic blogs. A militant re-grouping is taking place.

WE ARE The Church Militant and we have work to do. We START by praying for our enemies. I'll add Fr. Alan Jurkus to my daily prayers and as a penance, I will resist the urge to make fun of his name. :) I am not going to stand in guilt before God because my lack of prayers let some soul go to Hell.

Ho! My goodness! Enemies without and enemies within. Scandals be damned! It ROCKS to be Catholic!!!

A militant regrouping! Grab those Rosary beads! Michael and his Army are waiting for our help and reinforcements from the Communion of Saints are on the horizon! I love it, love it, love it! Yahoooooooooooooo!!!

Sunday, December 25, 2005 6:21:00 PM  
Blogger Mike, the Faithful Catholic said...

Thank you. The support is greatly appreciated.


Monday, December 26, 2005 6:57:00 AM  

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