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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Truth or Consequences....

Was surfing about and happened across the Voice of the Faithful website. Trust me, I am not going to make it a secret habit to go there under the cover of internet darkness each night. Always on the lookout for how things in the big wide world relate to Milwaukee's little corner, I was intrigued when I found the following May, 2003, reference to our fair Archdiocese:

Members are also discussing effective ways to support various priests in our archdiocese who have taken actions based on their convictions and suffered consequences. One of the priests, Fr. Dave Cooper, recently allowed the Women's Ordination Conference to hold a prayer service in his church. This service received publicity in local papers, and Fr. Cooper was then summoned to meet with Archbishop Timothy Dolan. As a result, Cooper issued an apology in the archdiocesan newspaper and the editor of that paper issued a formal written clarification/apology for reporting on the prayer service.

What strikes me here is the notion that Fr. Cooper thinks he suffered consequences. Or at least someone interpretted his visit to the principal's office that way. Let's see...a pastor who, on the one hand, has a position of authority as teacher and leader but also who, on the other hand, has a boss (Fr. Dave remember that promise of obedience to an archbishop and his successors?) is asked to be minimally accountable for what he teaches. Accountable to his boss no less. Oh my, suffer the little children for accountability.

Fr. Dave remains the pastor of one of the largest parishes of the diocese; has all his rights to preside at sacraments; still draws one of the world's highest salaries for a priest; and was not asked to step down from any chaplaincy (KC's) or participation in communal or ecumenical (Catholic-Jewish dialog) activities. If there are consequences in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, I don't know what they are. I daresay that most of us in the real world (teachers unions excepted) would siffer far more "consequences" for flauting the organization leadership and corporate policies so blatantly.

What is really at issue here is the absolutely selfish way that so many of our parish priests in Milwaukee have no commitment to working for a shepherd...many of them want to be their own little bishops instead. Many do not want to be accountable to anyone: theologically and ecclessially to their archbishop, communally to thier parish, or fraternally to their fellow priests.

Maybe there will come a day when there is a bona fide consequence for Fr. Cooper, or any other Milwaukee priest, to whine about. That's what they do best...whine.


Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Sending Out an S.O.S. ...about our Catholic High Schools

Was asking around about the recent situation at (St.) Pius XI High School (reference to canonization not included in any materials from the school). You recall the recent news about a young man who was not allowed to wear long brown, woolen robes to school because he says he wanted to prepare himself to be a priest. Well, with all due respect to the local channel 4 news (owned by the the somewhat anti-Catholic Journal Communications) who wanted to try and turn the tables on the school by indicating it is somehow anti-vocations, rumor has it that the young man wants to be a priest, but was coached by TV producers to make connections between his plight and the life of Pope John Paul II. In fact, according to some staff at (St.) Pius XI High School, this upstanding young man wants to be a "Jedi priest."

This is not necessarily surprising about a potentially troubled teenager; hey who didn't want to wield a light saber once or twice. Nor is it surprising that a television news producer would spin a story to embarrass the Church. It should be noted though that neither of these facts would let the school completely off the hook here. There is still a slight little problem with the fact that, according to the news sources, there are a number of faculty who feel the young man should be able to wear his Jedi costume to school every day. Hmmmmm? What does that say about things at (St.) Pius XI H.S.?

I guess that this should come as no real surprise, this H.S. has long been the least Catholic among the high schools of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. This says alot considering what happens at the Jesuit-run Marquette, or the all-girls Divine Savior-Holy Angels. Consider this one little tidbit: the Pius faculty support a student group called S.O.S., a thinly veiled re-incarnation of the school's long running Gay Straight Alliance student group.

Once again it seems proven that the modus operendi of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, even under the naive leadership of the Most Reverend Timothy M. Dolan, is to have inocuous titles for sleazy realities.

Oh well, another day, another festering wound.


Monday, December 26, 2005

On the Second Day of Christmas....

Not much to add today. Was rolling through stations on the car radio yesterday as I headed off to my own parish for Christmas day mass (a sadly under-represented group in comparison to the standing room only packing of the C & E, let's get it out of the way as early as possible, crowd that attended the vigil of Santa Claus mass the night before. Remember, on the eve of the Solemnity of the Nativity of Our Lord. (How many can even tell us the full liturgical title of this Holy Day?

Well, back to the radio...was able to catch just a part of the weekly radio mass from the Cathedral St. John the Evangelist here in Milwaukee. After midnight mass, it was already known that the Archbishop himself would be jetting off (probably First Class) to St. Louis for a feast with family and benefactors there.

What strikes me is the succession for celebrants of this mass which is sent out to the entire diocese. The Cathedral pastor, Fr. Carl Last was the radio celebrant for Christmas. Why not the auxiliary bishop, or one of the vicars who have diocesan-wide responsibilities? Bishop Sklba, while a man with whom I have very little in common, would have been a better symbolic representation, but was concelebrating (there is a good use of resources) a mass with the publisher-priest of the Catholic Herald newspaper (no pillar of orthodoxy there). Where was the other psuedo-Vivar General, Fr. Curt Frederick? Or how about the Vicar Judicial, Fr. Paul Hartman? Both these latter are at least Dolan appointees.

Nope, instead of a representative of archdiocesan leadership, His Excellency has allowed another holdover from the previous administration to use the Archbishop's own pulpit for missions and messages contrary what the Archbishop sopposedly says he wishes to change. Go figure....

Some insights on Fr. Carl Last, the henchman for Archbishop Weakland's Cathedral renovation: Like his previous boss, humility is not among his strong suits. Rumor has it he was never very open to conversation about the details of the Cathedral renovation, rather seeing it as a monument to his then boss. Most can review the design flaws and style issues. Most telling is Last's inclusion of himself and then Archbishop Weakland in a bronze relief sculpture. (Scroll to a spot between a third and half-way down to see this interesting, self-aggrandizing view of the Church.)

Oh can only continue to pray that His Excellency will some day find the wherewithal to start making changes.

Christmas joy to all.


Saturday, December 24, 2005

The "last gasp" of Advent.

A very quick note on this day of Chistmas Eve.

Just heard His Excellency, Timothy Michael Dolan interviewed on WTMJ radio (owned by a relatively anti-Catholic, Journal Communications). As always, the Archbishop was upbeat and affirming. There is no doubt that he offers a charismatic personal style premissed upon the notion that you can accomplish more with honey than with vineger. The problem lay in the line the does not seem to exiest between this and an almost naive denial of the problems that exist and avoiding the challenges of trying to solve them.

Today's Christmastime double message from His Excellency: Archbishop Dolan announced on the radio this morning that he would be celebrating a 5pm Christmas eve mass at St. Monica's Parish, Whitefish Bay. I am sure that this will be very special for the families of the wealthy, well off, and generous contributers to the Stewardship Appeal from St. Monica's. But why reward their less than orthodox pastor....Fr. Alan Jurkus.

As a leading instigator among the previously mentioned Milwaukee Priests Alliance, last year Fr. Al contributed a to the debate about kneeling for the consecration and other acts of reverence called for by a 2004 Vatican document, by writing that "i hope this is the last gasp of the era before vatican III" (Lack of punctuation in original. Fr. Al seems to have the same regard for the rules of grammer and writing as he has for the rubics of the sacraments.)

All I can do is rhetorically (read as "sadly, no reply will ever be given") ask His Excellency...Why reward a priest who so boldly slaps the face of JPII, so clearly has contempt for the Church, and likely speaks the same way about yourself at the complaining priests club meetings?

That's all for today. Don't know if I will post tomorrow.

I hope that as more and more people stumble across this humble little blog, those from Milwaukee will keep me updated on liturgical abuses and various clerical contemptabilities in thier own parishes or those they visit. (e-mail me at:

Have to go quiet down the kids and finish some wrapping. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good blog.


Friday, December 23, 2005

Twas the night before, the night before.....

Time for a bunch of Milwaukee parishes to put away their blue clandles, blue vestments, and blue polyester altar cloths...their version of advent comes to a close tomorrow.

Years ago, when some parish "liturgist", somewhere, was getting ready to throw into the trash a variety of sanctus bells, thuribles, and dignified tapestries, they happened to find a blue chasuble that might have (admittedly mistakenly) made by the kind ladies of the Blue Army of Mary.

In a bow to the misues of a truth that pervade us due to modern subjectivism, one of these liturgists recalled that in a very obscure ritual tradition in medievel England (the Sarum Rite) blue was an advent color. So, hey, let's toss aside the penitential tenor of Advent and switch to something more akin to the colors of the Milwaukee Brewers.

Now, to some, this may be a color symbolic of penance and/or waiting, but it is not the traditional color of penance. Nor, in fact is it the dark midnight, or navy, blue (almost black) or the Sarum blue. Isn't that ironic, we get rid of purple in lieu of a a blue that should look like the requiem vestments we also tossed a few years ago.

I would love to hear from readers about the parishes in Milwaukee where the liturgical norms were ignored in favor of light blue, sky blue, royal blue, etc.....

On the tidbit front, following on yesterday's concerns about the real lack of conviction on the part of Archbishop Dolan I was sent the following link:

So, did you know that St. Francis Seminary (HIS seminary) accepts donations from the infamous (discussed on a number of Blogs) Milwaukee Priests Alliance?

Enough for today. Always looking to hear about liturgical abuses in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.


Thursday, December 22, 2005

First Post

I wanted to start a Blog with my various thoughts and reflections about the Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. Info, intrigue, gossip and Gospel are all fair game.

Look forward to posting, receiving comments and insights.


The state of the Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee:

His Excellency, Timothy M. Dolan, started strong three years ago with great charisma and personality. Certainly, he wants to make everyone feel good. Sadly, he is faltering when it comes to substantive improvements over Rembert George Weakland.

Random thoughts...

The Archbishop's recently appointed Vicar for Clergy...a member of the rebellious, Milwaukee Priest Alliance. (Recall, they are the one's who want married priests (surprising, because they also want) gay priests, they do not want any pedophiles removed, they do not want to hold pro-abort politicians held accountable to their vapid proclamations of Catholicity. The usual agenda.

His New Associate Vicar for Clergy, an officer in the aforementioned rebel alliance.

His New Director of Parish and Worship ex-nun.

Director of Admissions at his seminary...Read Michael Rose book, "Good Bye, Good Men" for the background on this tie-wearing, worldly "priest."

The teacher of Catholic Church History at his seminary is a Lutheran Minister.

The librarian at his seminary is a female Episcopal priestess.

There is still use of General Absolution at large parishes.
There is still little or no kneeling at the Cathedral, unless he has the mass.
Dan Maguire is still on the faculty at Marquette.

There is enough for today.

Feel free to let me know any tidbits you have.

Christmas prayers for all!